Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Service Level and Occupancy

by/ Albin Chinchilla, Business & Call Center Consultant

Did you ever know that whenever the Service Level in our Call Center goes up, the occupancy of our agents' time goes down? Why is this so? First at all, the Service Level is defined as the percentage of calls our Call Center answers in x number of seconds. Some formulas include the number of calls abandoned within that threshold as well.

One easy way to explain it is that if we always have a queue, this is, people waiting, our Service Level will probably be low, and our agents will have a high occupancy rate, but why? If we always have queue, that means our agents will always be busy. By being busy all the time, their occupancy will be high. On the other hand, the Service Level will probably be low because there will always be people waiting and there is a great possibility that a low percentage of our callers will get someone on the phone after the time we have set for the Service Level.

Now, if the queue gets empty for different periods in a day, our agents will have some spare time waiting for calls; that will get their occupancy rate down. Now, by having empty queues, most probable, any customer calling will get an answer almost inmediately. There, the Service Level will most probable be high.

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Albin Chinchilla, Help Desk Certified.

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