Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Call Center Investments in Costa Rica

by/ Albin Chinchilla, Business and Contact Center Consultant

Nowadays, Customer Service is becoming the main differentiator for companies in their specific industry. If you look at banks, they all offer mostly the same products and services. They charge fees about the same and they all have branches and Call Centers where you can call. What makes them different? Well, if you ask a customer, they will respond that the main differentiator is the way that bank understood his needs and the way they resolved them. This is something to think about if you work at a bank.

Now, to provide good service, as a good friend of mine points out in his blog: http://www.gerenciahumana.blogspot.com/ he mentions that today, the most important asset in the entire organization is not its people, the most important asset is the RIGHT PEOPLE. In this regard, any service organization must pay special attention who is to be hired to face customers and deal with them. it is then that many companies have their own Call Center or Contact Center (more channels of communication like e-mail, chat, web collaboration) to provide their so called "Customer Service".

Well, for any investor abroad (USA mainly), Costa Rica has become a real good option to take into consideration to find that RIGHT PEOPLE, my friend Humberto mentions, to deal with their customers. Many companies have already chosen Costa Rica to be their Operations hub and run their Call Centers and provide their customers superb Customer Assistance. Enterprises like Sykes (sykes.com), ICT Group (ictgroup.com), HP, IBM, Fujitsu, People Support, and a number of others are already enjoying of a highly educated labor force that can give the "extra mile" to your company and to your customers.

Although given the number of companies already in operation in Costa Rica, the number of available bilingual people is getting scarce, there are private schools, public schools, technical institutions, and other entities training the new generations in speaking the English language in a natural way, thus getting away from traditional obsolete ways of learning a second language.

So, the present and the future looks good for your company if you are evaluating destinations around the globe to set up your Contact Center Operation. Not only will you find excellent agents, middle management, and executives to run your operations, but also, you can find other well established companies that can support your services with the hiring process, payroll administration, technical training and soft skills, Call Center Operations, Quality control, Operations set ups, and many other topics that will ease your process of deployment a brand new operation here.

If you believe that you can just take a plane and be there, right at the operation, Costa Rica is just 2 1/2 hours away from Miami with more than 10 daily flights and most importantly, in the same time zone your company is at. Doesn't this sound like unbelievably great? It is true. Ask the companies that are already here.

If you are interested in visiting this country, you can contact CINDE (http://www.cinde.org/) or contact companies like IB-Solutions (www.callcenter.co.cr) can give you a guided tour to what this small country can offer.


reinventandome said...

Albin excelente comentario y criterio. Información como ésta es de gran valor no sólo actual sino para organizaciones con deseos de establecer operaciones en nuestro país.

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